Pattern Corrections / Errata

Sometimes things are missed, or just plain wrong in a pattern. Check here for any corrections that I know about. If something is missing please don't hesitate to reach out through my Contact page.

Note that if the correction is listed below, it has been modified in the PDF file in your online account. Login and download a new version to ensure you are using the right copy. If you have the paper pattern, then you may not see these changes.

Bailey Backpack

  • The Cutting List for the Pop-Out Zipper Front size Small requires the width of the following pieces to be 10-1/2" (26.7 cm): Pocket Top, Interior Pocket Top, Pocket Bottom

Logan Sling Pack

  • The length of fold-over elastic required is 24", not 21"
  • Section called "Construct the Front Upper Zip Pocket" - the pieces being used are the Upper Zipper Pocket pieces, not the Zipper Pocket Front and Zipper Pocket Back
  • When printing the copy shop file, or when using the paper pattern, the pattern piece Zipper Pocket A is the Zipper Pocket Front and Zipper Pocket B is the Zipper Pocket Back

Owen Organizer

  • Only 3 yards of webbing is required, not 5 yards

Note that if the correction is listed below, it has NOT been modified in the file in your account. 

John Duffel Bag

  • Construct the Crossbody Strap - Step 4 - when sewing together the Strap Pad, the constructed piece is larger than the Strap Slider Main. Trim down the edges of the constructed piece to match the Strap Slider Main prior to sewing them together.