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This page will be updated regularly as more information comes available.

The Great Alberta Bagineer Getaway is a chance to escape from the busy days and meet your fellow bagineers from within our community! Hang out in a non-instructional environment and have fun doing what we love - sewing, playing and socializing. As new getaways are posted, the details will be updated on this page including how it all comes together....

This year, we have two very exciting events:

Spring GABG - April 21 - 24, 2023 at the Acclaim Hotel in Calgary, AB - Sold Out

Thank you to our incredible sponsors of the spring event - we couldn't do it without out!!!

(Click the image below to open a clickable PDF so you can visit each of them)

Fall GABG - October 20 - 23 2023 at the Best Western in Stony Plain, AB - details are still pending - be registered for my newsletter to be the first to hear about them!

Best Westerno Sunrise Inn in Stony Plain, AB

What's included in this event? As soon as all the details are finalized you will be able to click here to view them on the product page, that will identify EVERYTHING that's included - note that if it's not listed, then you are on your own! I also have you acknowledge a disclosure which means I'm legally binding you to the fine print - SO YOU NEED TO READ IT!

The Great Alberta Bagineer Getaway is a social activity, and meant to be fun for all, so we only schedule the minimal amount of activities as we want to give you the freedom to roam Calgary, or stay in and sew with friends. However, we do have an itinerary so that you don't miss out on any scheduled "stuff", so here goes:


  • Arrival by guests NO EARLIER than 3pm - we need time to get setup, so give us a little bit, we won't open the doors for you any earlier
  • Reception at 7pm hosted by Emmaline Bags
  • Sewing room shuts down at 10pm


  • 7am we open the sewing room doors - coffee may or may not be available yet, depends on how awake the staff is :)
  • Hot Breakfast Buffet is served at 10am - fuel for the day!!
  • We have a healthy snack that will be served at 2pm - gotta keep that energy up!
  • Hot Dinner Buffet is served at 6pm
  • We have an organized activity for either before or after dinner
  • Sewing room shuts down at 10pm


  • Once again the sewing room doors will be open at 7am
  • That Hot Breakfast Buffet is served at 10am
  • Snack is going to be served at 2pm so that no one leaves hungry
  • 4pm is when anyone that's leaving today is to be cleaned up by
  • No dinner is served this day for the remaining individuals that have purchased the extra day add-on
  • Sewing room shuts down at 10pm

Monday (Add-on sewing day)

  • 7am is still the magic time for the doors to the sewing room to be opened!
  • Breakfast is NOT served this day
  • 2pm is when we start shutting everything down as we need to be cleared out by 4pm at the latest, and some of us have a lot of stuff to move.

How does this work?

For each retreat, I will send out a "two week" save-the date newsletter when I am getting ready to launch a new Great Alberta Bagineer Getaway. Then on launch day, I will send out a newsletter with the link to purchase your available seat (newsletter signup is on the home page). In the past, these spots sell out within one to three days, so be sure to snag your seat as soon as possible. Here are a few notes for you:

  • The getaway does NOT include your accommodation, but we get a room block from the hotel with a discounted rate, this may not be available until a week or two after registration starts
  • The getaway may have optional days for you to register for, this can be done later, not just at the time the spot is purchased
  • Sewing machines are NOT provided, but we have very generous attendees, some of which are happy to bring a second machine for our guests that are flying in
  • You are responsible for bringing your projects, tools, and materials to work on, back-up tools will be around from my personal stash
  • Any projects that we will do as a group will be identified within the event information before purchasing your seat, sometimes they are secret and sometimes they will be advertised, if you need to bring any specific supplies, we will let you know

As I fill up the seats, I create a private Facebook Group so that we can collaborate and chat amongst ourselves organizing all the upcoming events and sharing out all the sponsors and any discounts that are provided to us. I use my newsletter to send out regular communications to the attendees if all are not a part of the FB group.

See the fun that we've had in the past:

2023 Spring - Calgary, AB



GABG Group Photo 2022 The sewing space at the GABG with the big windows lining each side of the room 
 MM Cork Supply pop up shop Emmaline Bags pop-up shop   Kiss My Stash pop-up shop Sewing at retreat 2022 Hanging out at retreat 2022 Fun at retreat 2022 - Necias Notables Working together 2022 Peanut Tote 1 2022 Peanut Tote 2 2022 Peanut Tote 3 2022 


A group of attendees from the previous retreat. Sewing 2019 Purple KATZ pop-up shop 2019 Shared Table Space 2019 Retreating 2019


    Your safety is our priority!!!

    We strictly follow ALL Alberta health regulations! 
    • Hand sanitizer will be available on-site
    • Sanitizing wipes are available at the shared table and the ironing stations
    • Meals will be eaten at your sewing station
    • Masks will be encouraged when not at your station, although as provincial mandates don't require them it will be a personal decision for individuals