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It's time for another handy little bag pattern! This one is the Richard Waist Pack and it's definitely meant to be a waist pack - but according to my step daughter, that's not how they are worn anymore. Time to sling these bags across your body, and make it more like a sling bag! Here you can see Monica Ann Bernstine wearing it that way: 

Black Richard Waist Pack with Leopard zipper
This waist pack holds more than you would think and is super adaptable. You can swap the placement of the back zipper pocket from the exterior to the lining giving you an interior zipper pocket. Or you could add an extra slip pocket to the inside by using the pattern piece from the exterior slip pocket. Or maybe you don't want to use the side clip buckles for a closure, you could change it up to use D-rings and swivel hooks. SO MANY OPTIONS!!
Mae's hidden zipper pocketIn fact, check out this version where Mae of Isabella Sparsh did up a hidden zipper pocket on the front - and then she did a YouTube video so that you can do it yourself! Find that tutorial right here: YouTube

The Pattern

This pattern comes with diagrams to walk you through every single step and pattern pieces for all the shaped pieces. But not only that, there are SVG files for you to use on your cutting machine for all the pieces (including the rectangles). Once you purchase the pattern, you'll see the different SVG files as well as the PDF file that you'll want with all the instructions. Then, you'll find at the end of your instructions a line drawing of the waist pack that you can color in to help your planning!!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I've even added a projector / copy shop file for you so that you can print all the pattern pieces without fold lines! 

Then, I have an amazing testing team - Michelle Graham of MGrahamSews did up a YouTube tutorial to walk you through the entire construction of your Richard Waist Pack!!! And if you want a really quick sew-along, Mae of Isabella Sparsh also did a 30 minute YouTube walkthrough of the full construction of the Richard Waist Pack!!!

The Testers

And now for the best part - all of the inspiration from my amazing testers!!!! I do encourage my testers to make little tweaks and changes to ensure they are getting a bag that they want to carry, which means that sometimes there will be an additional pocket, or a unique feature that's not in the pattern. But you can always ask either me or them for the details! We are happy to help you make the best bag you can!!!

You've already seen Monica's bag above (website here), but let me show you another picture of it, I love that she accented it with that leopard print zipper, and kept the bag itself simple!!!

Then Manda of Atelier Fibre Arts used some cork to make her version, and she carries this matte black hardware in her online shop - you better stop buy and get your buckles for your Richard Waist Pack!!

Gwen from GML Designs always does a stunning job using leather, she is also an incredible photographer, so I'm always in love with her pictures!!

Line of Fine Line Designs is a pre-tester that helps keep me sane throughout all my bag making escapades, and she blows my mind every time she makes something with her scraps - this one is waxed canvas!!!

Christina of Chrislet Designs has some of the most fun fabric designs - this one was so cute as a waist pack!!! And then the zipper pulls matched!

Tracy of Purple KATZ Quilting had to use the most vibrant and fun Tula Pink fabric EVER - and even used the new Tula Pink webbing for her strap! I love this pop of vibrancy!!!!

Di of Bags of Love by Diane always seems to have fun with the designs I pop out. In fact this time, she's the one who inspired me to think the Richard Waist Pack could make a great first aid bag! Here she used a printed denim and then fit a bunch of medical supplies in her bag!

Michelle of MGrahamSews did up the amazing video tutorial and then had her teenagers do some modeling of the Richard Waist Pack - gives a great idea of what kind of size this bag is.


Sue of Dreamscape Studio always does the most classy bags I ever see and she did not disappoint with this casual waist pack design. I love it!


Mae of Isabella Sparsh always has a trick up her sleeve, she's not afraid to come up with new ideas and try new things - in fact, she even did sublimation for this fabric!!! Now I don't know about you, but I know nothing about that - so check out her YouTube channel for all the ideas and stuff!


Tara of Mooi Designs sure had some fun with this design - she's got a few that she's currently working on I think - so keep an eye on her page as she does sell her bags!!

Aren't they all incredible????

So for a quick recap of details for you:
  • Pattern includes print at home PDF file, SVG and Projector files - buy here
  • Full instructional video tutorial by MGrahamSews to walk you through the full construction - watch here
  • Short construction video by Isabella Sparsh with some modifications- watch here
  • To get the hardware you need for your Richard Waist Pack head to Emmaline Bags or Atelier Fibre Arts

Hardware from Atelier Fibre Arts

I had a ton of fun coming up with the perfect curves on this design - that front panel really needed the right curves before I could call it right! So I had a few prototypes to go through with just some paper pieces even LOL I wanted this to be a super-useful style of waist pack, so it's not small at all, it's meant to carry a bunch of stuff - we all have masks, sanitizer and wallets to worry about, then you add in the water-bottle and sunglasses - way too much for a little waist pack. And my testing group did an incredible job of showing cotton, vinyl, cork, leather and waxed canvas for this design - I can't wait to see what you use on yours!!!!


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