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Stem Squad fabric for all the math, science and computer fiends!!

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I couldn't believe it when I opened up a box to this incredibly fun fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics. Edward Miller, the fabric designer, definitely had "Making it Fun" in mind when he compiled this collection! As a Michael Miller Ambassador, I am so excited to share these fabrics with you!!!

A number of items made with Stem Squad fabrics designed by Edward Miller for Michael Miller Fabrics
This fabric truly made me think about all the school days our kids have missed through the pandemic and how we as people have had to quickly adapt to new ways of doing things and new schedules as we work from home. Delineating our spaces within our homes has become important, putting work away at the end of the day, or putting school items away at the end of the school day are key things to help identify play time from work time. Because of that, I set upon making a school set that will keep any school attendee organized whether they carry their bags outside the home, or stay home and do remote learning.
Cap and Pouch made from Stem Squad fabrics
Stem Squad features math, science and computers all in one collection, and is FILLED with vibrant colors and amazing coordinates! To see each of the fabrics, click here and be sure to come back and tell me what your favorite is! I don't know what my favorite is.... they all tugged at my heart! Here in this hat and pouch I loved playing with the circuit boards and the science lab.... inside is the math fabric as you need to have math in there LOL. The hat is a pattern designed by a friend of mine, Line of Fine Line Designs - it's actually a free pattern that you can find in the Sewing UhOh Creations Patterns Facebook Group within the files as Line is not a designer, but a bag enthusiast, and one of my amazing testers.
Laptop case in Stem Squad fabric
I then figured I'd do some fun piecing and make up a laptop sleeve and with the colors in the pink print, Girls in Science, I couldn't resist pairing it with that awesome teal webbing! I even had the perfect zipper to coordinate it! I added the pops of white and black with the Circuit Boards and the Math fabrics. I started with a pattern from a friend of mine, Moments by Liz, the Zip and Go Laptop Case.
Binder cover with Stem Squad fabricsThen we needed a case to carry a binder in, I know when I was a kid I loved my binder case as it held all my pens and tools I needed, plus it kept all the loose papers in one place and "organized" according to my teenage self ;P But to make it even cooler, I didn't just use the Mad Scientist and Science Lab fabrics, but then grabbed a piece of the white Cotton Couture to make a vial and combined some Geometry and Periodic Elements to imitate the science in the vial! I had so much fun with that applique! It makes it completely one of a kind. I made this up as I went, so no pattern for this one, but I had a blast!
And finally I pulled together the Mad Scientist and Science Lab fabrics, added in some Black Cotton Couture and Periodic Elements and made a Keanu Backpack with no laptop sleeve on the back, using the add-on that comes with the pattern. But let me tell you, I wasn't doing it with some plain black webbing, I happened to have this awesome bright green from Purple KATZ Quilting. Who doesn't love brightening up a backpack? I love this bag!
Keanu Backpack in Stem Squad fabrics Keanu Backpack Interior with Stem Squad fabrics
And the final picture of it all coming together just makes me so happy!!!! This is a kid ready for school - all the supplies they need! The pouch, the binder case, the laptop case and the backpack!! Even if they are unpacking the supplies at the kitchen table, at least it can all be stored together!!
Backpack filled with projects in Stem Squad fabric

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  • Tonna on

    What a fantastic set! Any kid would love to carry all these to school. And that binder case. . . . pattern, please. Very interested.

  • Kathryn on

    Tara…. all the projects are awesome …. can’t pick a favourite! I loved reading your blog….. you are definitely one talented lady!!!

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