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It's about time I came out with another pattern! I realized that there is a very distinct gap in my pattern collection, and that's a good 'ol handbag! In this case, a crossbody bag that could be considered a saddlebag. Let me introduce you to Jesse Crossbody

Multiple Jesse Crossbody bags hanging on a fence.
Side view of the Jesse Crossbody

Jesse Crossbody is designed uniquely to keep the bulk down in the seams and be blinged out a bit with some awesome hardware! Instead of using strap anchors we have pinned the sides of our bag closed with grommets, then used gate rings or spring rings to attach the strap. You could definitely change up the size of grommets, the key is to ensure you find a spring ring or gate hook that can hook through your grommets. Then we get to add fancy to our flap with your choice of flip or twist lock - and I know there are some super cool, fancy ones out there - only limited by your imagination!

Top view of all the accessible pockets in the Jesse Crossbody

Jesse Crossbody features a slip pocket hidden underneath the flap, designed to keep your cell phone safe and secure, then the grommets holding the bag partially closed when the flap is opened, and an interior zipper pocket which we turn the full bag through at the end of construction. You can always add on more pockets as you wish. The flap is an open canvas, giving you the perfect creative space to feature a panel, fussy cut a piece of fabric, add embroidery or embellish however you feel. 

Be sure to join my FB group to see all the testers and get support for your pattern! Sewing UhOh Creations Patterns. And after getting your pattern, you can sew-along with Di Scarrott on her YouTube channel as she has done a full tutorial of the Jesse Crossbody!

The Pattern

The pattern for the Jesse Crossbody includes diagrams for all the steps, pattern pieces for the curved pieces and cutting lists for the rectangles, allowing you to use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut accurately. I've also included Metric and Imperial measurements so you can use the one you are comfortable with.

But that's not everything - you also get SVG cutting files for all of the unique shapes, then a projector file, and a copy shop file so that you can get it printed on a large piece of paper and not have to tape anything.


If you are looking for a paper copy of the pattern - ask your local quilt shop to contact me so they can carry my patterns!

The Tester Photos

As per usual, my testers are amazing! Check out the gallery of photos to hopefully inspire you as you work on your own Jesse Crossbody!

Check this gorgeous version done up my Gwen of GML Designs (IG Here) - it's leather! It's so beautiful and I love the embellishment on it! And wait until you see the lining fabric - you better be following her FB page to see it!

As usual, Line is one of my pre-testers that always has the shortest timeline to accomplish the first test version - and she did amazing! I completely stand behind this panel's messaging! 


Christina of Chrislet Designs (IG here) did this incredibly adorable Baby Yoda version with a panel. I love what she did! He's just too friggin' adorable!

Jesse Crossbody with Baby Yoda panel for the flap

Abbe of Just an E Sewing (IG here) just whipped up this Jesse in no time! I still am blown away by her quick turnaround and adaptation - she's not a grommet fan, so she did add the strap anchors into the top seam and it looks awesome!!!! All Pottered up!!


Sue of Dreamscape Studio (IG here) always has the classiest looking bags come out of her sewing space - she did this gorgeous embroidery and made Jesse look amazing!!!!

Jesse Crossbody

Di Scarrott does up the most awesome tutorials for you when she tests my designs. This means you should definitely subscribe to her YouTube channel. Check out these different versions she made! She even gives you stabilizer advice and options within the video - so it's a must see!



Jesse Crossbody in blacks and red


And you are of course wondering about a cork or vinyl version, I know LOL And Sheri of MM Cork Supply does not disappoint!!! I love this version Sheri did up in all cork! It looks so adorable with that puppy - you may need to go get that cork!

Puppy cork version of Jesse Crossbody with flap framing

And of course Michelle is one of my pre-testers and then she did up another - apparently this is quite a quick sew! And check out that butterfly twist lock!


Butterfly Jesse Crossbody


Golden Girls Jesse Crossbody

And one last version from Tara of Mooi - she did up a very classy and elegant version with faux leather and that hardware!!!!



If you are looking for more inspiration, follow each of these makers as they will be showing off more of their versions throughout the Facebook Groups online and in my Facebook Group - Sewing UhOh Creations Patterns. Each of them have worked so hard to help me design the best pattern possible in the Jesse Crossbody!

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