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The Louie Waist Pack pattern already comes in 2 different size, but what if you wanted to add some storage in the way of card slots? Lets get to it!!

You will require the Louie Waist Pack pattern which you can purchase right here. Then you'll want all the additional instructions, found below. I note any cutting differences or additional cutting that you need to do, so please read through the pattern and read through your add-on instructions before you start! And if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask within the Facebook Group - Sewing UhOh Creations Patterns.

If you are looking for some extra help in making your Louie Waist Pack, YouTube has videos from multiple people so take a look!!

You're going to need an additional stabilizer for the card slots. I use a Medium weight stabilizer here, not heavy, and not light. This is placed along the top edge of the card slots to add strength and stability without adding bulk. I recommend EB-FUSE Heavy from Emmaline Bags as it's a woven stabilizer, but alternatives would include Pellon 809 Decor-Bond, Pellon Decovil Light PL525, or fusible buckram. Each of those are non-woven fusible stabilizers that will provide similar structure.

Click here for a PDF version of these instructions.

Card Slots for Small and Medium sizes

Before you start, the full pattern has you cut two Main pattern pieces from lining and interfacing. You can omit one of the lining pieces, we are going to create a Main piece that has card slots built into it then use the interfacing piece on the constructed Main.

You will will want to cut the following pieces to replace that Lining Main piece:

 Piece Lining Stabilizer

Card Slots 

Small - 4-1/2" wide x 26" high

Medium - 8-1/4" wide x 32" high


Card Slot Sides

Small - 2-3/4" wide x 6" high

Medium - 2" wide x 7" high


Card Slot Stabilizer

Small - 3-1/2" wide x 1/2" high

Medium - 7" wide x 1/2" high

Small - 5

Medium - 6

  1. Place the lining Card Slots piece right side down and draw a line 3-1/4"
    Card slot diagram - marking lines and interfacing placement
    the top edge. Measuring down from that line, draw the next line at 1-3/4". Measuring down from that line, draw the next line, and continue to do that for the following measurements:
a. 2-1/4"
b. 1-3/4"
c. 2-1/4"
d. 1-3/4"
e. 2-1/4"
f. 1-3/4"
g. 2-1/4"
h. 1-3/4"
i. 2-1/4" - Medium size only
j. 1-3/4" - Medium size only
  1. Place one of the Card Slot Stabilizers with the fusible side against the Card Slot lining piece, with the long edge along the top of the 1-3/4" lines you drew (the second line, then b, d, f, h, and j). Fuse them in place.
  2. Fold the lining Card Slot piece along those same lines (along the bottom edge of the stabilizer), wrong sides together, and press well. Topstitch each of those folds (these are the tops of the card slots).
  3. Fold the lining Card Slots lining piece along the other lines (with no stabilizer), right sides together, and press well. Once all folds are in place, you should have a series of mountains and valleys.
  4. Baste both sides with 1/8" seam allowance and a long stitch length, ensuring the Card Slots stay straight. 
  5. Trim the bottom from the Card Slots so it measures 6" tall for Small or 7" tall for Medium.Card slot diagrams - folding, topstitching and basting.
  6. Place a Card Slot Side right sides together with the Card Slots, lining
    Card Slot diagrams - add the sides for the full panel
    up the side. Sew with 3/8" seam allowance. Then press the Card Slot Side away from the Card Slots. Do not topstitch yet.
  7. Repeat step 6 with the other Card Slot Side.
  8. Fuse the extra piece of Main interfacing to the back of the constructed Card Slots piece, centered side to side and with the top edge aligned. Trim along the edges of the interfacing, or use the Main pattern piece with the top edge aligned, and the pattern piece centered side to side, to trim it down. 
  9. Topstitch the seams along the Card Slot Sides with 1/8" seam allowance. 
  10. Medium size only - Topstitch the center of the Card Slots to split them in half.Card slot diagrams - interfacing placement and topstitching

    Use this piece as the back of the interior, using it in step 4 of the Louie Waist Pack pattern under the section "Construct the Main Body". By keeping it against the back panel of the Louie Waist Pack, it prevents it from adding weight to the front of the pack, and keeps the cards from falling out when opening the pack.

    You now have extra storage in your Louie!!

    Click here for a PDF version of these instructions.

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      Hi there, I am registered to take the Louie Waist Pack at Emmaline’s next weekend. My question is about the card slot hack. Is it possible to interface the entire slots with SF101 not just the half inch strip or will it be too bulky? Just wondering? Thanks and see you on the 30th!

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      Thanks so much! I love the Louie waist bag! It’s my every day bag❤️

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