Join the Hoppening George Sew-Along this Easter Weekend!!

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Saturday, April 11, 2020, join me in the Bag of the Month Club Facebook group to sew your George Carry-all or Handbag!

Well, how is this going to work you ask? I've got a plan!

First thing is first! If you are not a member of the Bag of the Month Club, then you don't have the pattern!! This is the only way to get the George Carry-all right now, so pop over to and subscribe for only $18 US and get 4 patterns right now!!!

Preparation Work

Before we start on Saturday, I'm going to have my pieces all cut, interfaced and stabilized. You are welcome to be at the same stage, or just follow along with your pattern. My goal will be to have the preparation section of the pattern done so that I'm ready to just start sewing!

I'll be using this combination - pieces from Libs Elliot's Almost Blue line, and a vibrant piece of Guicy Guice's fabric - both from Purple KATZ Quilting - then gunmetal hardware from Emmaline Bags.

Fabric selection from Purple KATZ Quilting and Hardware from Emmaline Bags

Saturday Morning

When you get up in the morning, get your crock-pot on with your favorite recipe - maybe this one, it looks so delicious! Then grab your cup of coffee and your pattern and join me online!

Live schedule

(All times are Mountain Daylight Time [MDT] which is Calgary/Edmonton or Denver) I do not expect you to keep up with me as I sew since I'll have some extra preparation done to help me properly demo each section. Plus, this is the Easter weekend, you should have fun and enjoy your sewing - no pressure the Easter bunny wants you to enjoy yourself!

As we go along, be sure to share your progress photos in the Facebook group - I can't wait to see how you do!!!

I have updated the sections with a link to the Live video for each - you must be a member of the Facebook Group - Bag of the Month Club to access these videos!


Introductions and the plan for the day. 

Demonstrate the construction of the components:

  • Handle Anchor construction
  • Strap Anchor construction
  • Handle construction
  • Pocket construction
  • Overlay construction


    Answer questions - be sure to tag me in any questions in the Facebook group so I can find them quickly

    Demonstration for the exterior construction:

    • Apply the Pocket and Overlays
    • Apply the Strap Anchors and Handle Anchors
    • Zipper Gusset construction


      Answer questions - be sure to tag me in any questions in the Facebook group so I can find them quickly

      Demonstrate the lining construction:

      • Slip Pocket construction
      • Zipper Pocket construction


        Answer questions - be sure to tag me in any questions in the Facebook group so I can find them quickly

        Demonstrate the final construction and Strap:

        • Putting all the pieces together
        • Crossbody Strap construction

        Go eat your crockpot dinner!


          Easter Parade in the FB Group

          I will post a picture of my bag and where I'm at in the process (whether I'm done or not) and you can share your status photos in the group as well.

          Hopefully, your crockpot dinner was awesome!!!

          What Else??

          I'm not leaving you alone all day, I've got a Spotify playlist of my sing-along songs to keep you company. It's a lot of country music and some 90's pop - that's what will be playing in my sewing room!!!

          And share your favorite recipe in the comments below - the recipe that allows you to sew all day long and still get to eat at some point!


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          • Susan on

            I am already. Very excited for the day

          • Heather Seibel on

            I’ve just finished cutting and interfacing all the pieces. Looking forward to tomorrow!

          • Pat on

            Thank you for doing this.

          • Wendy Lichti on

            Can’t wait to join you Tara!

          • Christine on

            I’m excited to sew-a-long with you! Thanks for doing this with us Tara

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