Logan Sling Pack - Pattern Release

Logan Sling Pack Pattern Release

It's here! My very first pattern release as UhOh Creations!

If you have been following me through Facebook over the years, you may know that I previously released a pattern in collaboration with another pattern designer. That means that this pattern is the very first solo adventure for me. Of course, no pattern designer is really on a solo path - we all have support networks and teams that help us, and drive us, and provide feedback to us along the way. The Logan Sling Pack is no exception to those rules. This pattern was inspired by the easy carry bags out there that fit snuggly along the body and have a slim appearance but can grow to carry so much more than you would think.


The Logan Sling Pack is designed to be worn on either your front or back - it is great either way!! It features a front upper zipper pocket that is designed to carry your cell phone - you can leave the headphones sticking out of the zipper at the top so you can talk hands-free on the phone. Then there is a double-ended zipper pocket at the bottom, allowing you to move the bag around your body and still access anything in that pocket. Inside the big main zipper compartment, you will find a mesh pocket that you can separate into two or three (or more) pockets when you are making the bag, allowing you to customize it to whatever you want in your bag. And last but not least, on the exterior of the bag is an expandable gusset so it can sit flat against your body when you start your shopping trip, but grow as you add more and more to it. 

The Pattern

The pattern itself is compact and to the point. It's filled with diagrams walking you through each step of construction, and there are pattern pieces for all of the shaped pieces, leaving only the rectangles to be cut from the measurements. As the whole pattern uses pattern pieces, it's easy to size up and down using your own printer features, by printing at 85% or even less if you want to make this pack for a smaller individual. 

During testing, we decided that due to the unique features of this bag, it would be categorized as an intermediate sewer level. But don't be afraid to try it! Mae even did up a YouTube video for you to sew along with!!! Click here to go to YouTube - be sure to subscribe while you're there!

I hope you love the Logan Sling Pack as much as I have loved the process of designing and creating the pattern for you - it's been such a great trip! Check out the incredible bags made by my testers!!!!

Tester Photos

Line of Fine Line Designs was my pretester and worked with me on my first set of bugs during the test process and even included a banana so you can see the size of the bag:

Abbe of Just an E (Instagram here) is my details tester and made this bag with the cats that has fish bowls for them - I love it!

Georgia is just getting her feet wet in the pattern testing world and did up an awesome version for me!!! She even made a collage with her photos so you can see all the different parts!

Leah of Paws Off Designs has been pushing and encouraging me since day one to get these patterns off the ground and made her bag with a bit of vinyl.

Sue of DreamScape Studios (Instagram here) always does such beautiful work and is such a great friend, no test is complete without her personal touch!

Sheri of MM Cork Supply and Munkee Made did up this slightly smaller version at 85% and left off the bottom of the front pocket for her daughter - in this fantastic print!!! They are going to Disneyland and this will be perfect for her!


Just in case you missed Michelle's (Instagram here) Tula Pink De-La Luna version of the Logan on the front cover of the pattern, here it is again!!!

Michelle's son decided he needed one after she made that - and it looks awesome!!!

Mae of Isabella Sparsh (Instagram here) has jumped on board and crafted not only the bag, but also the video that goes along with the Logan Sling Pack!!! And what a perfect video it is!!! Click here for YouTube - and be sure to subscribe!

And then this entire project would never have gotten off the ground without support and encouragement from a number of other people that are way to many to name, but I'm going to include a few of them because they were so instrumental in this: Cyndi of Nosy Pepper Patterns, Janelle of Emmaline Bags, Piera of ByPiera, Tracy of Purple KATZ Quilting and Anne of Serial BagMakers.

And I'll leave you with one last photo of this bag, my husband is sporting it at the campground:

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  • Gaye on

    The youtube video by Mae doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Is there any way to access this? I would appreciate the hand-holding of a video!

  • Gaye on

    The youtube video by Mae doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Is there any way to access this? I would appreciate the hand-holding of a video!

  • Patricia on

    It looks great Tara!
    It could be my airport bag …

  • Mary-Nell Cole on

    I can’t wait to get back into the sewing studio so I can make this one! You ROCK! The pattern looks awesome! You experience from testing LOTS of pattern shows in the way you’ve put it all together.

  • Wendy on

    Such a fun design! Can’t wait to make this one! Way to go Tara!!!

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